CONGU Competition Scratch Score


CSS identifies the difficulty of the course on the competition day. The CSS calculation has been based on SSS + 2, as most (men’s) fields had approximately 40 – 50% of category 2 players, and in general, this works well for men. The following changes should result in minimal change for men’s competitions. For ladies, however, SSS + 2 produces too many occasions when the CSS goes up, or becomes Reductions Only. This seems to be because ladies’ fields generally have a higher proportion of category 4 golfers, and these players are less consistent. CONGU research shows ladies also have a relatively high number of very small fields, fewer than 9 players, (although this is not usually the case at Bourn). In order to remedy this discrepancy, for all competitions, the CSS will now be calculated by the computer using SSS + Buffer Zone, for players in Categories 1, 2 and 3 (plus 4 for Ladies) from January 2012.  As mentioned earlier this should have little impact on men’s competitions but should result in a healthy number of lower CSS outcomes, including slightly fewer Reduction Only competitions, for ladies’ competitions.