2017 Playing Year and Handicapping

From 1st January 2017 the Playing Year will correspond with the Calendar Year - a decision of CONGU, the Council of National Golf Unions.  The Annual Handicap roll-over will take place in the early hours of 1st January not the 1st March as hitherto.
To keep (or to obtain) a Competition Handicap each of us must submit a minimum of 3 Qualifying Scores during a
Calendar Year.  A Competition Handicap has the letter c after the figure, e.g. exact 15.5c and playing 16c.
Qualifying Score is obtained by playing in a club Stroke Play or Stableford competition or by submitting a
Supplementary Score.  
To submit a Supplementary Score you must sign the book in the Pro-Shop before starting the round.  A maximum of 10 Supplementary Scores is allowed for players in Categories 2-4.  Players in Category 1 may only submit Supplementary Scores after 1 September and then only to retain competition status.  Competition rules apply - remember to include the course, your handicap, and date on your card, which must be signed by player and marker.
Any queries, please contact one of us.
Have an enjoyable golfing year!

Kim Morley, Ladies Handicap Secretary - k.morley@btinternet.com
John Taylor, Handicap Secretary - handicapsecretary@bourngolfandleisure.co.uk

Completing your Score Card
You must include:
  • the event (competition or supplementary)
  • the date
  • the course played (white, yellow, red tees etc)
  • your name (recognisable!)
  • your playing handicap
  • the gross score for each hole or N/R for a no score
  • your signature and that of your marker
It is the player’s responsibility to check the playing handicap, not the club’s.
Up-to-date handicaps can be found on the PSI terminal in the bar or HowDidIDo. 
Note, you will be disqualified if your card -
  • does not have your handicap
  • has a handicap for you that is too high
  • is not signed by you and your marker
Please return your card, even if you discontinue your round or scoring.  This will help to avoid incorrect calculation of competition results.  Every card matters in the calculation of the Competition Scratch Score (CSS).