Greenskeeper Updates

Greenskeeper Weekly Update



This week starts with the greenkeeper's revenge, which we are all looking forward to.  The team will be setting out some slightly different and maybe more challenging holes tomorrow!

In the coming week we will be concentrating on cutting, but we will be trying to complete the bunker work which started last week.  We will also be trimming some hedges and hopefully we will be able to include some work on the Par 3 course.

It might also hopefully be possible to get some time to carry out more work on the  new 15th tee area.

No greenkeeper's news next week as I am away over the weekend. 

Just a quick suggestion- now is a good time to set bulbs in your garden for the Spring next year.  Try to avoid feeding your plants at the moment as the new growth is vulnerable to frost and fungal disease.

Tony, ClearCut