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Greenskeeper Weekly Update



Happy Easter!

We have two short weeks over Easter with two 4 day working weeks. In the coming week we were planning to top dress the greens but there is very slow growth of the grass because of the weather, with cold nights and cloudy days.  So we have put this on hold because If we carried it out now it could suffocate the greens.  We will carry this out as soon as the conditions are right. You may notice that there are some seed heads appearing on the greens, and in order to reduce this we will be drag matting and cutting behind on a regular basis.

On Tuesday we will hopefully be applying a wetting agent to the greens.  The wetting agent helps water to penetrate the dry patch areas.

For information-In the next couple of weeks I'm told that the bridge on the 10th will be back in use.

Can I draw to everyone's attention the storm hut by the 6th tee.  It blew down in the high winds, and I feel is now a bit of an eyesore, so unless there are objections I would like to remove it from the course.

Since the clocks have gone forward, you may have noticed that we are starting at first light now, so hopefully we are ahead of the first golfers!  It also means at this time of year we can get out in the evenings to carry out lawn care and renovation works on our customer's lawns.

I hope everyone who took part in the Captain's charity day on Saturday enjoyed themselves.

Sadly-there won't be any green keepers news next week as I'm off for a few days!

Tony, ClearCut