Lady Captain’s Diary

Lady Captain’s Diary 2016-2017

Lady Captain’s Diary Week 49 (28th September 2017)


Tuesday 3rd October: Final Fun Competition of my “reign”!! Sign up by Saturday, or email me to be included.

Friday 6th October: The Aqua Ladies (Belinda Crow) are holding a MacMillan fund raiser at the Club, 11.00am till 1.00pm. If you are able, I do hope you will support this event. Lots of lovely homemade cakes, cordial conversation, nice atmosphere and a raffle. Hope to see you there.

Sunday 8th October: Ladies Friendly vs. Gog Magog, 12.00pm.

Monday 9th October: I hope to have enough energy to play in a mixed tennis tournament – nothing to do with golf!!!

Tuesday 10th October: Ladies vs. Seniors for the Piggy. It is wonderful to see that quite a few ladies are taking up the challenge this year – let’s sock it to ’em girls!

Thursday 12th October: Ladies Friend vs Beds and County, 10.30am

Monday 16th October: ‘THE GREENKEEPERS’ REVENGE – THE ALTERNATIVE!”. This was due to be played on 6th October, but has been moved to here. Please see below for full details. The only downside to this is that David will have to drag me out of bed, all dreary-eyed, for a roll-up entry at 8.00am! I suppose I am fortunate to have him! If any of you ladies feel up to an early, early, early start, do please come along and join me!

Monday 16th October Ladies Friendly vs Old Nene Home: This ladies friendly was originally scheduled for 24th July. But it was cancelled due to inclement weather. It was rearranged for 16th October. However, there is a large county event on that day and Old Nene would struggle to get a team together for the friendly. With all the hullaballo of ladies dropping out on both sides and the turning back of the clocks (nearly Christmas!!), I am very sad to say that I have cancelled the fixture for this year.

Saturday 21st September: Final mixed match of the year at Home: vs Haverhill
There is still time to add your name to the list, I think. Sue has asked me to be in charge of this one, but I do not know whether I am coming or going at the moment! Sign-up sheet is in the main corridor.


Sunday 24th and Tuesday 26th September 2017

Over these two days the Smiles (Low HCPs), Bridge (Middling HCPs) and Mathewman (Higher HCps) Trophies are played for. The draw sheets were slightly confusing, but it all seemed to fall into place on the day. I played with two lovely ladies who appreciated that, yet again, I was not at the top of my game! After the first 6 holes when I had two 11s and a 9 on my card, I decided to play the rest of the round with just my seven iron and putter. That kept me sane and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk round with my two playing partners (to whom I profusely apologise for my really bad golf). My nett score of 100 leaves much to be desired – can do better comes to mind, but it seems my body and brain are too weary to compete!

The results for the trophies are give below, and many congratulations to the winners.

1st Paula Offer Nett 74
2nd Jackie Francis Nett 75 OCB
3rd Sally Pinnock Nett 75

1st Catie Heathfield Nett 74
2nd Lindy Clemmow Nett 75 OCB
3rd Angela Robinson Nett 75

1st Alicia Briggs 28 points
2nd Wendy Quince 26 points OCB
3rd Patricia Watson 26 points

Monday 25th September 2017
Ladies Friendly, Bourn HHC vs West Suffolk
The Bourn organiser of this match needed to draft in a couple of lower handicaps to play with likewise opponents at West Suffolk because they are a very small section. But they like playing so much that this is the second time this year that Bourn ladies have travelled to the West Suffolk course. It was wonderful to see Gail Hurst (who is also a member at West Suffolk) who is still undergoing treatment for her illness, but who very kindly agreed to play for Bourn when one of our ladies unexpectedly had to drop out of the match through injury. I remember playing this course many years ago when it was just 9 holes. My eldest son, Peter, lived at Beck Row with his wife and daughter and David and I had just started playing golf. We all spent the day at the golf course, three of us playing golf and my son’s wife wheeling the baby round in a pushchair. Now it is an 18 hole course. I played the best I have played all year and my partner, Mary Hubbard, and I managed to beat our opponents 37 points to 36! The format for these matches is everyone plays off full handicap in pairs. The best stableford score for each hole is written down and then each pair’s score is added up to give a final stableford points score. Unfortunately, Bourn came in just behind West Suffolk, but it was a lovely day out, the meal was excellent – I have not had a ham salad like it! And the pudding was light and fluffy, a trifle in a cheesecake is how I can describe it – delicious. Thank you to Pat Watson and Vicky Whitelaw for arranging these matches during the year, and for inviting me to play in this one. It was a great day out. (And many thanks to Mary for driving me and for doing the card, so I had nothing to do except play golf without a care…)

Sunday 24th September 2017
Mixed Friendly Versus Old Nene Away
It was a long drive up to Elton Furze. Hubby said that I had played here twice previously. I did not remember any of it (I know there are big holes in my memory after having two ministrokes 20-odd years ago, and I think this must be one of them). It is a very nice course, but my physical prowess was beaten and I could not play very well at all – having played golf or tennis each of the five days previous to this match – and due to play Monday and Tuesday after as well. My poor playing partner had to do all the work, except on one hole which I managed to win for us with an enormously long putt (more by luck than judgement), but my play was so poor I could not compete with the 4BBB play. Now I totally understand why most mixed friendlies are played in greensomes format, becuase if one has an off-day one cannot help their low handicap partners. I felt ashamed of my golf (or lack of it), and the fact that I could not contribute towards the play. The opposition again seemed very tough and, although it was a lovely, friendly atmosphere, I am afraid to say we went down yet again 4 1/2 to 1/2 (the “1/2” being the youngest male member of our team – the Junior Captain!!) All in all a very nice day out. Thank you to everyone who played.