Lady Captain’s Diary

Lady Captain’s Diary 2016-2017

Lady Captain’s Diary Week 32 (12 June 2017)

Ladies Invitation Day: more PLAYERS needed please to help us break even and ensure you have a lovely day!

We currently have several pleas for food for half-way houses for various events. I personally would like to see some mens’ names on the sheets to provide food goodies – especially as one of them is for Mens Captain’s Day!

Please check the noticeboards and put your name down to supply food if you are able. There seem to be a lot of events happening within a few days/weeks of each other. I should be most grateful to receive any offerings. (Mens Captain’s Day 1st July; Ladies Invitation Day 4th July; Lady Captain’s Day 1st August.)

Lady Captain’s Away Weekend 4th and 5th June

The Lady Captain’s Away Weekend was a great success, with lots of happy faces (most of the time); there were a few grumblings, but it did not spoil the event. A special thank you goes to Christine King and Jane Sheppard who stepped in to take the place of two ladies who had to pull out, thus keeping the numbers up (27 in all). The accommodation was wonderful, and the food excellent. The first day most of us partook of a sandwich or other sustenance before venturing onto the golf course. It was a beautiful course and I took 9 holes to settle in – achieving 10 points on the front nine and 21 points on the back nine, so definitely a game of two halves for me! The evening meal was followed by one of my [yawn] quizzes, then by a few games of [yawn] card bingo, and finally the prize giving for day one. Some ladies managed to get a swim early next morning in the lovely pool (this is the first time I have been away and not done so!). Breakfast was great with a few ladies looking a tiny bit jaded – only because the night before they forgot which rooms they were in and found one that was open to a night-cap for all – but a good English breakfast does wonders for hangovers. We then played a yellow ball texas scramble – which should have been played to my fun made-up rules, but this received opposition from some quarters, and I was beaten down and had to do it the “proper” way in the end. My rules would have been just fun and the winners probably most unexpected; instead it turned into a very competitive event – which is not what I had in mind for the second day (c’est la vie).

Prize winners:
Day 1 Individual Stableford Competition
1st with 41 points – Elaine Randall (her card went to the Handicap Secretary and she has been cut to 19.2 – well done Elaine, many congratulations and well played!)
2nd with 39 points – Angela Robinson (I believe Angela has been cut too, well done)
3rd with 37 points OCB – Lindy Clemmow
4th with 37 points OCB – Catie Heathfield
Jackie Francis also had 37 points and received a token prize – a bottle of spring water!!
Best front nine with 22 points – Kim Morley
Best back nine with 18 points – Eileen Simmons
Nearest the pin – Eileen Heath
Longest Drive – Donna Griffin
After Dinner Quiz – with a massive 39/45 points – Iris Beadsmoore
Bingo: Maria Virgo, Julia Gray, Wendy Chapman
Day two Yellow Ball Texas Scramble
Lindy Clemmow, Debbie Witherow, Kim Morley, Chris Begley – nett 71
Longest drive – Donna Griffin
Nearest the Pin – Elaine Randall

Here is a snapshot of us all gathered prior to going to dinner in the evening. Click here [Forum] for more photographs of the weekend.

All of us together, pre-dinner. A nice handsome waiter took the shot for us.


1.  Please Note: New Loo seats in the ladies cloakroom thanks to Dan. Self-closing lids!

2. Bourn Golf Club Members Disciplinary Code of Practice
The Captains and Vice Captains met to discuss the disciplinary code of practice for the members of Bourn Golf Club. It was decided that, in view of a few incidents of late, it was time to review the code and revise and update it to safeguard all parties involved in such matters. This has now been done. I would encourage everyone to read it please so that you are aware of procedures should you ever become involved in any incidents. Download the pdf file HERE 

3. Ladies Section Competitions Review
You will recall that at the EGM last November the ladies voted regarding some competition formats. But this left a divided ladies section which I promised (on behalf of my committee) would be looked into and hopefully amicable solutions reached which would be best for the ladies section as a whole. I am pleased to report that after many hours of archive delving and committee deliberation, we have come up with a review document – now the section’s working document – of ratified changes regarding all competitions in the ladies section. The ladies committee (in close liaison with the main and seniors committees) have come into line with similar rules to those of the mens and seniors sections for the betterment of play and within the ethos of the club as a whole. Please be assured that nothing is set in stone because there is always recourse for change via the ladies AGM each year, but I and my committee hope that all ladies will appreciate what we are trying to achieve for all of you, in the fairest manner possible. Since its inception nearly 26 years ago, Bourn Golf Club Ladies section has grown a lot and the type of golfers we now have fall into many diverse categories. We hope you will accept what has been agreed, but also wish you to know that from now on it is recommended to successive office holders and committee members that annual reviews of all competitions and section administration are carried out so that change may take place according to the requirements and needs of the ladies membership for a continual balanced field of play in a congenial atmosphere.

The committee has also decided that we will put together a Working Committee File (previously only Lady Captains had one of these – now very outdated) which will contain for all officers and committee members the current directives for running the ladies section. It is hoped that this File, probably in digital format to save paper (and uploaded to the website for all members to see), will provide continuity of leadership and best practice. We hope the file will be ready for the new year (January/February 2018).

In the past few years there has been quite a bit of correspondence from some ladies regarding competition formats, numbers of medal and stableford competitions, draws, free format, and types of competition following trophy competitions such as the Lindsey Cup or Senior Ladies Championships. All these issues have been addressed and are explained in the working document. In particular, the competition which will follow this year’s Lindsey Cup (24th and 27th June) will be a sign up and play, the 2017 stablefords heretofore following the Lindsey Cup competition have been moved to 17th and 20th June, thus enabling everyone to take part in qualifying stablefords. We also intend to facilitate the full complement of 24 medals each year and wherever possible to match these with stablefords so that there is no discrepancy in numbers. Also, we have looked at, and altered, the division bands for stablefords for Saturdays and Tuesdays to give a more even playing field. In line with the ethos of the club, medals between November and January will be free format, sign in and play on the day – Saturdays with no tee closure, but Tuesdays will still have a set tee time (as well as free format). This is to accommodate the fact that in recent years during the winter months ladies have signed up to play medals then had to cry off for many reasons, or do not wish to play in bad weather, etc., etc. We have all been party to turning up and finding our tee times have changed because of drop-outs, and some have been given earlier tee times so have been late. This free format for medals is for a trial period only and will be reviewed in February 2018. Download the ratified competition document HERE.

I know I shall get told off for saying this, but, if you feel that you really must comment on the working document, please be so kind as to address your note to the Ladies Secretary so that the matter may be discussed at committee. But all in all, I do hope you will give the new “rules” a chance before commenting, just in case they work for [almost] everyone – and I do believe in miracles! Please note that a line has been drawn under all previous competition rules. I hope we can all look forward, not in the name of progress, but for the betterment of our ladies in playing their golf.

Lady Members:
We have a new lady member: Mary Hubbard who joins us from Heydon Grange with a handicap of 19. Please welcome Mary if you see her at the club.
A previous Par 3 Member has now become a Ladies Senior Member and we welcome her to the fold: Patricia Hoslin.
9th May: Two new junior girl members enrolled: Maddy Roitman (whose father is a member), and Imogen Longstaff-Biggs, both aged 11.
I am extremely pleased to report that two ladies have achieved their handicaps this month:
Sarah Rigg has come in at 31; and Lynette Heaton-Jacques at 32. Well done ladies, and we hope to see your names on the competition boards in due course.
And of course, very many thanks to the unsung heroes who diligently play rounds of golf with our new ladies to mark cards for them. Please carry on the sterling work as without your kindness, these ladies would not be able to obtain a handicap. A big thank you from me.

Jean Wilkinson Sunday 11th June 2017
All inter-club competition results can be viewed
Home to Brampton – we needed 11 points to finish top of our division, but only managed 6. But we had a great time. Brampton now go through to the next round. A great big thank you to all the ladies who stepped out to represent Bourn this year, I am truly grateful. We did our best and now we look forward to next year! (A special thank you to Barbara King for stepping in at the very last moment yesterdated – much appreciated and it meant that we could field a full team.)

Medal Saturday 10 June
All ladies club competition results can be viewed here
(10/06/2017 CSS: 74 Par: 73)
1st Joyce Grimes 88-15c=73
2nd Diane Amps 87-13c=74
3rd Paula Offer 93-13c=80

Scratch Match Saturday 10 June
3-0 win to Newmarket (Away)
Team: Cindy McIntyre, Jackie Francis, Ali Cope
“We came, we saw but alas didn’t conquer! Playing Newmarket at home without our strongest team we lost 3-0. Ali, Jackie and I played as the next three lowest handicappers We should have Zhanna for the next three matches which will mean we all play in the right place against the right people.” (Team Captain, Cindy McIntyre)

Ladies Friendly Match Thursday 8th June 2017 at Home vs Newmarket
Four pairs from each club braved the fairways (it was rather windy). We had a lovely Pan Fried Sea Bream meal afterwards which was very tasty. The result was a 3-1 win to Bourn ladies. Many thanks to you all for playing.

NSPCC Day Thursday 25th May 2017 at Bourn Golf Club
This event has been run at Bourn for the last few years to raise money for the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). The organiser is Kate Armstrong, who works tirelessly to help children in need and promote the Society. I managed to put a team together for the day (Debra Salmon, Debbie Foster, Barbara Thomson and myself). We thought we had quite a good chance of competing with all the low handicap men and managed to finish in 5th position. But we had two good points: Debra won the longest drive, and I won the nearest the pin!

1st Team prize went to the “Links Boys” with 88 points
2nd Team prize went to “Absolute Sense IFA” with 86 points
3rd Team prize went to “Legs” with 82 points (all three teams were men!)

All the prizes were donated or sponsored, and I put in some framed and unframed prints to help. It was a wonderful day. The event is being held again at Bourn next year on Thursday 21st June and Kate is hoping that more ladies teams will participate from Bourn (and other courses). Please see the thank you email below from Kate:

“Please could you extend our sincere thanks to the members of your golf team yesterday, and let them know how much was raised from their generous participation in the Bourn NSPCC Charity Golf Day yesterday. After costs, £950 was raised, of which £401 [including gift aid] was raised from the luxury hamper draw. This means that we can fund another NSPCC Schools Service series of visits to local primary schools as part of the ‘Speak out! Stay Safe’ Campaign to help protect young children at risk from abuse. Pictures and more details are posted on the Branch Facebook page (You do not need to be a ‘Facebook user’ to access this link.)
The 2018 event is scheduled for Thursday 21st June, please do spread the word as it would be great to have 18-22 teams playing off a shot-gun start next year.
We are seeking to improve the experience for players next year, attract additional teams, add value to the day, and raise more funds for the charity [possibly through an auction]; so if you have any suggestions as to how this might be done, please do let me know. I will be having a meeting with the Bourn Golf & Leisure team sometime over the next couple of weeks to discuss the 2018 NSPCC Charity Golf Day arrangements, please let me have your feedback [positive and negative] early, so we can include it in the discussion.
Our thanks to Bourn Golf & Leisure for their continued support of this fundraising event for the charity, and our sponsors Porsche Centre Cambridge and Anderton Haulage. Thanks also to Bourn Golf & Leisure for providing the 4-Ball, Golf Pro Session and some of the prizes. Our thanks also to the artist, Tina Bone, for very generously donating four beautiful prints for the luxury draw.
Our sincere thanks to everyone who generously took part and helped to support the NSPCC projects in this region. We do hope the selection of photographs on the Branch Facebook page bring back some happy memories of your glorious day on the course. As promised, we have not included any compromising shots of ‘pond dipping’ or stints in the rough and bunkers! Judging from the très bon humour at the Half-Way House refreshments and lunch, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves out on the course, whatever the score! Congratulations to the three top teams: LEGS, Absolute Sense IFA Ltd and Links Boys – not many points apart!
Thanks to the visiting teams and to members of Bourn Golf & Leisure for making everyone welcome. It was great to have more ladies take part this year too.
We look forward to welcoming you again next year! With best wishes and sincere thanks again,
Kate Armstrong, NSPCC Cambridgeshire Branch
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Ladies Ping 4 Ball Better Ball
Saturday 27 May 2017
Lindy Clemmow/Paula Offer 44 pts
Jackie Francis/Ali Cope 42 pts OCB
Diane Amps/Kim Morley 42 pts OCB
Tuesday 30 May 2017
Mary MacDonald/Christine King 42 pts OCB
Ann Penny/Wendy Ward 42 pts
Angela Robinson/Julia Gray 41 pts

Handicap Cup Aggregate Pairs Score:
1st Paula Offer & Lindy Clemmow Nett 147
2nd Catie Heathfield & Joyce Grimes Nett 152
3rd Sally Pinnock & Wendy O’Brien Nett 154

Ladies Handicap Cup – Tuesday (singles winner) (23/05/2017 CSS: 76 Par: 73)
1st SALLY PINNOCK 91-18c=73 (17.7 – 18)
2nd Deborah Salmon 100-24c=76
3rd Suzie Miles 100-21c=79
Ladies Handicap Cup – Saturday (singles winner) (20/05/2017 CSS: 73 Par: 73)
1st Zhanna Tarasko 78-5c=73
2nd Paula Offer 86-13c=73
3rd Alison Cope 86-12c=74

Ladies EWGT May Stableford
Tuesday 16/05/2017 CSS: 76 Par: 73
Division 1 Result
1st Angela Robinson 31pts; 2nd Chris Begley 27pts; 3rd Christine King 27pts
Division 2 Result
1st Paula Newman 41pts; 2nd Deborah Salmon 34pts; 3rd Deborah Foster 33pts
Saturday 13/05/2017 CSS: 73 Par: 73
Division 1 Result
1st Cindy McIntyre 37pts; 2nd Dawn Hackshall 35pts; 3rd Lindy Clemmow 34pts
Division 2 Result
1st Julia Gray 31pts

News from AWAY 13 May 2017:
“Hi Tina, Thought you might want to know Lesley, Debs, Paula and I came 2nd on count back at Bury St Edmunds Open yesterday.” (Well done ladies)

Thursday 11th May Ladies Friendly vs Brampton away
4 pairs and we won 3-1.

May Texas Scramble Sunday 7th May
1st: Nett 67 -Paula Offer, Lindy Clemmow, Hazel Carpenter
2nd: Nett 68 OCB – Jackie Francis, Ali Cope, Linda Brown
3rd: Nett 68 – Julia Gray, Tamayo Mylan, Jessica Weiss
Tuesday 9th May
1st: Nett 62 – Janice topham, Wendy Ward, Daphne Santiago
2nd: Nett 64 – Mel Owers, Linda Brown, Lindy Clemmow
3rd: Nett 65 – Kim Morley, Catie Heathfield, Joyce Grimes

Sat 6 May 2017 – The Masters
Best placed ladies:
3rd Catherine Hayburn
5th Tamayo Mylan
6th Cindy McIntyre
7th Diane Amps
9th Karen Fidell

The Clemmow Cup – 1st May 2017
A very windy and buffeting day, but everyone arrived safely in the clubhouse and a fair percentage took the opportunity to have a nice meal after the prize giving. Thank you Lindy for arranging such a lovely day.1st prize went to Mel and Paul Owers, who ventured up the 2nd fairway (and it is the second time they have won it – many congratulations); 2nd prize went to Catie Heathfield and Ian Sheppard, who went up the 1st; 3rd prize went to David and Catherine Teather who plonked in to the 18th hole.

Ladies May Medal Saturday 29th April 2017
1st Diane Amps 87-14c=73
2nd Christine King 93-19c=74
3rd Zhanna Tarasko 80-5c=75

Ladies Jean Wilkinson 30th April 2017
Score was 6 points to Bourn; 8 points to Abbotsley
The wind howled and got stronger as the round went on but the ladies managed to battle on. Ali Cope and I went out ahead because Ali’s opposite number unfortunately fell ill on the morning of the match which meant we had two points before we started. A very hard fought battle – well done, and thank you all very much for playing. The after match food was most disappointing (although the service was excellent as usual) and I had to apologise to our guests – I shall not choose the seafood salad again. Two more matches to go in this round robin: Monday 15th May away to Abbotsley, playing 9 holes twice – different! And Sunday 11th June home to Brampton.

Enjoying a cup of coffee and a chat before going out to do battle in the Jean Wilkinson match.