Lady Captain’s Diary

Lady Captain’s Diary 2016-2017

Lady Captain’s Diary Week 41 (11th August 2017)

Ladies Section Money Collection Envelopes:

Dear Ladies, our hard-working Treasurer, Irene Heyman, is doing a wonderful job in keeping our finances on the straight and narrow. However, lately there have been a few competition and event envelopes put in with no name on. It is a slow process of elimination, emails and speak which solves the mystery payer in the end, but it would be most helpful if we could all please make sure we have put our names on the envelopes when submitting our payment for competitions. It is important so that Irene can trace cheque payments—even more critical if you have paid with cash. Thank you TB.

Thinking of you Cards:

Thank you to all the ladies who signed the card for Daphne Clay. Here is her lovely response: “Dear Tina , I was so touched to receive the get well card from you all , some of whom I feel I haven’t even met!! You’ve been to so much trouble to get it all signed up. I don’t think I’ve ever had a card like that before but come to think of it I’ve never broken a leg before!!! Thank you all SO much. I have a big fat boot on now and can weight-bear with crutches so life is a lot easier. I see the doc again the beginning of Sept so hope to be on the golf course not long after that. Love from Daphne PS. Are you able to forward this email to the girls for me?? [My pleasure – TB]

I also paid a recent visit to Eileen Simmons who is still undergoing chemotherapy treatment. It was nice to have a chat and catch up with her situation. I was so pleased that she was very well on the day I visited, and I know all of us are thinking of her and others from the club in similar situations. To all our lady members currently out of sorts I do hope your situations improve and wish you to know that we are all thinking of you and wish you all the best. I was also pleased to see that Eileen came to the club after the Gleneagles Plate competition – and shared a tea cake with us. Lovely!

Mary Cole Rose Bowl Competition at St Ives Monday 4th September 2017

I have chosen my team to represent Bourn in this end-of-season county event and I have posted details on the notice board. Since last November I have been keeping tabs on club and outside competitions and other events which Bourn Ladies have played in, and have produced an order of merit from the results. I asked the top three (of six nominees) if they wished to represent us and all said yes. However, one of the nominated players has since had to step down, so the fourth nominee is now in place. Ann Burbidge (Vice-Captain) and myself will be going to St Ives to cheer the ladies along on the day. If any of you also wish to lend your support on the day, and also to stay for the meal (“Light lunch, £8.50”), please be in touch with the County Competition Secretary (Trina Miller) to order your food; otherwise you can just turn up and cheer!

Bourn’s team members are: Linda Brown, Christine King, Elaine Randall. Well done ladies.

Thursday 10th August 2017: County Veterans at Brampton Park

The change in the weather yesterday, compared with the previous day’s deluge was very refreshing. Apparently Brampton were poised to cancel the County Vets competition, but miraculously their greenkeepers managed to get the course in reasonable condition so that we could play. Suffice to say that I had a nil return because I hurt my hand first thing in the morning and carried on playing, but by the 18th, it was so painful and swollen that I could not hold the club or hit a ball! Most annoying – although my card was very negative anyway, so nothing lost. There were seven ladies from Bourn (eight if you include Sally Pinnock who played under her Gogs umbrella). Unfortunately, none of us were in the running, but it was a very nice day and the meal was good. As well as myself, players were: Linda Brown, Joyce Grimes, Christine King, Patsy Cowtan, Suzie Miles, Elaine Randall. They were all smiling at the end of the day, so I think everything was okay. Well done ladies.

Tuesday 8th August 2017 – Gleneagles Plate (Celts vs ROW)

Forty ladies signed up to play in this Ryder Cup-style match play competition. We had 10 pairs on each side and there were some hard-fought campaigns out there! After the competition, as ladies came in, they enjoyed a lovely toasted tea-cake organised by Lynn behind the bar, and everyone enjoyed a chat whilst awaiting the result. It was nail-biting waiting for the last couple of matches to come in. Whilst waiting, I checked to see what the scores on the doors were as far as Celts/ROW wins during the previous 14 years of the competition: 12 to the Celts; 2 to the ROW!!! So I am especially pleased to announce that the winners in this 15th year were the ROW – taking our tally to 3 wins. Well done to all the ROW ladies – and “commiseries” to the Celts. I proudly presented the beautiful plate to myself (as Val Barrett, a former member and sponsor of the competition, was unfortunately unable to attend) and accepted it on behalf of the ROW team. A great day – and thank you to everyone who took part.

Scratch match Home vs Gog Magog, Saturday 5th August 2017:

Match report from Captain, Cindy McIntyre:
“Suffice to say we didn’t win, not as good as last time as I lost as well. Its a tough league and we need to step up a bit more to play in it, not much but a bit. We need a third single figure handicapper, and we all need to get a couple of shots better. The results were: Zhanna lost 4&3; Cindy lost 3&1; Jessica lost 5&4. Cindy”

Tuesday 1st August 2017: Lady Captain’s Day – Theme: Nature’s Time

“Fantabulous”, “Splendiferous”, “Awesome…how I felt from the heart about my Lady Captain’s Day!

This is truly what being a Lady Captain is all about. I have not enjoyed myself so much at the club in ages, and it is all down to the wonderful support I received and the happy, smiling faces of everyone on the day.

I had wonderful support from my hubby, David, middle son, Jason, and my sister, Rosemary (who stayed with me all day and helped wherever it was needed. I am mortified that I did not thank her amongst my long list of thank yous at the actual presentation – I think she has forgiven me!). And of course, what can we say about the wonderful goodies on offer at the half-way house, very ably provided by the seniors men, led by Ian Rigg, which apart from the sumptuous delicacies included Pimms ably served by Don MacDonald. Even though I did not play, I had to “test” a few eatables as well as a nice “glass” of Pimms. All the ladies sponsored holes and meal arrangements were made by Julia Gray – wonderful. Ann Burbidge very kindly arranged the traditional committee breakfast, which went down a treat (including the bucks fizz), and set us all up nicely for the day. Maria Virgo and Joyce Grimes formed a formidably artistic pair in creating all the gorgeous flower arrangements for the prize table, and 10 other meal tables – all on the Nature’s Time theme. I took the four main seasonal arrangements home as they were so lovely and I wished to treasure them a bit longer (they are now, nearly two weeks later just about ready to be disposed of); undrawn numbers for the Lady Captain’s Framed print draw were drawn out for the beautiful table posies. (Don’t forget: if you did win one of the posies, please give Joyce back her vases and things.) My grateful thanks to Colin the chef for providing such a wonderful meal, and to the great service we all received from Zara and Will and the rest of the team. A great big thank you to you all.

All the lovely flowers from Lady Captain’s Day. Some cards got separated from the flowers, so I do not know who kindly gave me the beautiful orchid, or the begonia, so please accept my grateful thanks.

And of course it would not have been such a great day without all the 75 people who joined in on the day – it was lovely to have so much support and a big hug and thank you to you all too.

As a special memento of the day, I had purchased some artist palette-shaped wooden panels which were turned into clocks (courtesy of hubby) by including the hands mechanism in the centre. In line with my theme for the day (Nature’s Time), I painted pictures on the four clocks representing Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (see below)

The Four “Nature’s Time” Palette clocks, without time mechanism. Painted with Acrylic paint and glazed with a satin varnish.

Below is a list of competition winners. Photographs of the day are posted on the Ladies Forum page here: [Ladies News Forum]

Overall: 1st Suzie Miles 36 OCB; 2nd Jackie Francis 36 OCB; 3rd Lindy Clemmow 36 OCB; 4th Lorna Pepper 35.
Best front nine: Kim Morley (18); Best back nine: Catie Heathfield (19)
Past Lady Captain’s Prize: 1st Angela Robinson; 2nd Christine King; 3rd Ann Thomas, 4th Joyce Grimes.
Par 3 Competition: 1st Rosie Evans; 2nd Sheila Woodruff; Runner-up Cathleen Peak; Runner-up Patricia Hoslin.
Sponsored hole winners – main and par 3 competitions: Mary MacDonald, Linda Brown, Christine King, Catie Heathfield, Diane Amps, Pat Watson, Paula Offer, Judith Barnes, Paula Offer, Kim Morley, Ann Thomas, Angela Robinson, Ann Burbidge, Monica Boggust, Kathy Peak, Sheila Woodruffe.

Overall: 1st Carl Buckingham (39); 2nd Terry Mitchell (36); 3rd John Taylor (35)
Sponsored Hole winners: Matt Virgo, John White, John Taylor, Bob Turner, Carl Buckingham.

Lady Captain’s Nature Quiz: 1st Julia Gray**; runners-up Rosie Evans and Iris Beadsmoore.** Confessions of a Lady Captain: 2 days after my Lady Captain’s day when I was sorting through the paperwork, I found an unmarked Quiz paper from Julia Gray. She actually had one more point than Rosie and Iris (who both had 18 and the winner from these tied entries was selected by Colin, the chef!). I could not live with myself if I did not tell Julia that she had actually won, so decided to come clean and awarded her a prize also – when she came round to collect her prize she gave me some very tasty runner beans and corgettes from her allotment, which went down very nicely.)

Lady Captain’s Framed Print: Sha Briggs

Lady Captain’s Drive (they made me use the old hickory shaft thingy!): with the first attempt I nearly took out my lovely sister who was standing left forwards in order to get the result from Ian Rigg who was the shot master up the fairway; the second go was one of my usual bananas, but the third shot was straight as a die and long[ish], which meant that Ian (who, in anticipation of a short shot after the first two, had started walking back towards the tee) had then to walk back to near the bunker to measure the distance. This turned out to be a respectable (for me) 156 yards and the bang-on winner was Julia Gray.

All in all it was such a great day I did not want it to end……

There was only one little moan about slow play after the event, but that did not dent my enthusiasm of the day’s pleasure – I always say that we do need to exercise patience, understanding and tolerance for the way people play golf, especially if there is a large field as we all play differently. It is usually because someone is having a bad day and we have all “been there, done that” – and if a ball is lost, or several go out of bounds or in hazards, that typically slows play (I for one have been there a lot lately, but it can only get better). Please be aware of other peoples’ needs on the golf course and show compassion for those of us who do not play as fast, as long, or with such accuracy, as others. Equally those who are “strolling about”, please be aware of those who like to keep apace when playing. A bit of give-and-take will go a long way to making you feel better and those for whom you are showing compassion. Thank you.

Re-Scheduled dates for Lindsey Cup and Tonic Trophy:

Sign-up sheets are on the noticeboard
Lindsey Cup – 12th September 2017
Tonic Trophy – 3rd October 2017
Lindsey Cup – those ladies who qualified but did not play on Saturday 24th June will be on the sign up sheet. Please indicate if you are able/wish to play.
Tonic Trophy – the following ladies played on Sat 3rd June and are NOT eligible to play again: Dawn Hackshall, Hazel Carpenter, Mel Owers, Maria Virgo, Mary Hubbard.

Ladies July Stableford (2) – Saturday (29/07/2017 CSS: 74 Par: 73)

Division 1
1st Diane Amps 37pts
2nd Joyce Grimes 33pts
3rd Debbie Witherow 33pts
Division 2
1st Patricia Cowtan 33pts
2nd Melanie Owers 32pts
3rd Julia Gray 24pts

Ladies July Medal – Tuesday (25/07/2017 CSS: 74 Par: 73)

1st Jessica Weiss 85-13c=72
2nd Linda Brown 90-17c=73
3rd Melanie Owers 94-21c=73

Ladies July Medal – Sunday (23/07/2017 CSS: 75 Par: 73)

1st Paula Offer 87-13c=74
2nd Linda Brown 91-17c=74
3rd Diane Amps 95-14c=81

And many congratulations to Ali Cope and Jackie Francis – read on:

“Hi Tina
Apologies we forgot to mention that Jackie and I won the Net in the County Foursomes Championships at Royston on Monday 3rd July, over 36 holes. I think we were just the youngest ones left standing after 36 holes in the wind, rain and eventually sunshine! Typical County event with bad weather…. Cheers, Ali”

Many congratulations to Ali and Jackie for such a fine performance. It was very brave of you both to enter such a competition, to actually complete it in such adverse weather conditions, and to then win it – what a prize pair. Well done!

Guess Who?

Fifty years of marriage (and to the same person!) 1967–2017

Tina at sweet 17; David at honourable 22 (to be 23 on 13th August)! Wedding photograph taken outside the Catholic Church, Cambridge, 5th August 1967

Some of you will have heard that David and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary on 5th August, and we would like to thank all those lovely people who sent us cards and best wishes. We celebrated by having a lovely meal at the Pergola restaurant in Harlton – which used to be the Wheatsheaf public house – and had a wonderful evening, just the two of us. We do not usually celebrate anniversaries (or birthdays), but David felt we should do something special for this one – our needs have always been simple and we are most grateful for our long life together and the happiness we have shared with our children, grandchildren, and friends. Thank you.