Lady Captain’s Diary

Lady Captain’s Diary 2016-2017

Lady Captain’s Diary Week 26 (26 April 2017)

This diary entry is so eclectic, it is ordered as I made notes as the days went by – not necessarily in date order! I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying past. But I hope you find the diary informative, and thank you for reading it.

Some Bourn Ladies played in the Cambs & Hunts Margery Newport Trophy (Division 1) meeting at Ely on Tuesday 25th April. See results here.

We also had Jean Wilkinson, Grace Norman, and a couple of friendly matches during April. View match reports and results here.

“What Catie Did!” She had a splendid game during the Director’s Trophy on Saturday 22nd April, but had to rush off because her daughter had gone into labour…Catie now has another granddaughter – many congratulations Catie.
1st Catie Heathfield with 42 pts well done Catie!
2nd Roy Wilson with 41 pts
3rd Shaun Harrington 41 pts
4th Roger Martin 39 pts
5th Simon Hodgson 38 pts
6th John Wood 38 pts
7th Jessica Weiss 37 pts
8th Dawn Hackshall 37 pts

I hope you have noticed the lovely rustic benches are back, dotted around the course.They have been refurbished in a very fetching black and I have made use of nearly all of them, to rest my weary legs! Thank you to whomsoever worked on them – splendid job, and much appreciated by me (and I hope everyone else).

Over Easter we had a couple of fun competitions:
The Tuesday Rainbow Texas Scramble (18th April) was an excellent game and we had 39 ladies entered in drawn teams of three. There were three late drop-outs but it was much appreciated that three ladies stepped forward to fill the gaps. We had four prizes: 1st Linda Brown/Sue Smith/Rita Monks 77.2 points; 2nd Paula Newman/Maria Virgo/Mel Owers 77.7 points; 3rd Wendy Ward/Jan Donovan/Shirley Hine 79 points; 4th Ann Gardner/Sue Black/Ann Thomas 80 points (on countback). Thank you very much to Lesley Miller who organised the event. We all enjoyed some mini easter eggs after the competition, and of course the winners all had various sizes/numbers of eggs as a prize. Rules for the competition were: Rainbow Scramble Fun Competition. Play off Red, Yellow, White tees in turn all the way round. Teams of 3, 10% of combined handicap 4 tee shots each, no consecutive shots, all putt out, add up total score, deduct shots at the end.

Saturday’s 15th April Fun competition was run by Jessica Weiss – I called it “Jessica’s Fun Competition” – highly recommended. There were seven participants and I won with 42 pts. An excellent fun competition and if used wisely, the special “assistants” can increase your score dramatically! A big Thorntons easter egg was the prize which I auctioned (because my girth is already too big!) and Karen Fidell contributed £20 towards the Captains’ Charity. Many thanks Karen. The Rules were: Full Handicap. Each player is allowed a Kick, a Throw, a Mulligan, and a Gimme (4 cheats). The first three are freebies (i.e. do not count towards the score), but the Gimme does count. These four cheats are allowed first on the front nine, then again on the back nine. However, any cheats not used on the front nine are not allowed to be carried over to the back nine. There are no restrictions: kick out of the rough, from behind a tree; throw out of a bunker, or back into bounds or water hazard if you can find it. Mulligan – replay a rubbish shot. The gimme can be from anywhere on the green (not fairway) – but counts as a shot. We decided at lunch deliberations that it might be called “Tricks and Cheats” – and to hold it again later in the year for the Tuesday ladies to have a go. I used my gimme on the 12th hole on the back nine: I was on the green for 3, but quite a long way from the pin – so I took my “gimme” and earned 4 points!

I received a lovely email note from Hazel Suswain, County Vets Team Captain: “Hi Tina, your ladies have come up trumps, and I have included 2 more in the match on 22 May. I already had Sue Smith on the availability sheet and Joyce Grimes has contacted me. Now there are 6 players from Bourn – what support.” (Other four: Patsy Cowtan, Linda Brown, Suzie Miles, and myself!)

County Scratch Foursomes knock-out 2017: by Sunday 2 July Cindy McIntyre (Bourn) and Ella Mason (Ely) will know whether they are through to the next round of this competition. Emma Norman and Sarah Oldham of March GC presently stand in their way…

Captains’ Charity Day
Twenty-seven Ladies took part in the Captains’ Charity Day to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease. I thank you all. My draw for an original painting raised £340 + £20 from the easter egg auction mentioned above. The total raised on the day for Parkinson’s Disease was £802. The painting was won by Paula Offer who told me that her mother had fallen in love with the picture so she was giving it to her – how lovely! As usual, the ladies provided a really classy half-way house. It was wonderful that we also had tea and coffee which went down very well. A special thank you to Wendy Chapman, Eileen Simmons and Sarah Rigg who braved the cold during the day to man the house, and thank you to all the ladies who provided food. Thank you to Chef Alex for providing the urn from the bar as we could not find the members one.
One of the highlights was all four captains standing on the 10th tee to do the customary Captain’s drives. Keith Howlett managed to snap us:

Ready – Steady…

All gone!

The Coronation Foursomes competitions were well supported:
Tuesday 11 April 2017
1 L. Brown / J. Topham 33
2 L. Miller / D. Salmon 30
3 C. King / M. Macdonald 30
Saturday 8 April 2017
1 K. Morley / D. Amps 37
2 P. Offer / L. Clemmow 35
3 J. Weiss / T. Mylan 33

I was smartly reminded that I should have mentioned to you all that the Ladies Thursday roll-ups are not “official” events and therefore if you play in them please take a turn with all the rest of the players who turn up on a Thursday to play – including green fee payers. The reason they come, I believe, is because there is a reduced rate for seniors on that day. But we should be proud that our course is so popular and be prepared for a bit of give and take on the tees – don’t forget to put your ball in the shoot near the telegraph pole!

Ladies Winter League Result
1st Suzie Miles
2nd Kim Morley
I believe these two ladies had a very good match so congratulations and commiserations in equal parts to Suzie and Kim.

1 April: Ladies Winter Eclectic Winners – Well done ladies (full results are on the Results Board in the ladies changing room)
Division 1 1st: Jessica Weiss, 2nd: Christine King, 3rd: Helen Verrechia
Division 2 1st: Deborah Salmon 2nd: Mary MacDonald 3rd: Elaine Randall
Division 3 1st: Jane Sheppard, 2nd: Karen Stanton, 3rd: Lesley Miller

We have another new “kid on the block” – new member Kathleen Peak. She is a 5-day member, so if you see her on the course please welcome her and make her feel at home. Thank you.

Extra Fees:
May I please just let you know about the Affiliation Fee which you are asked to pay alongside your membership fee. EVERY member of a club has to be affiliated to their County Association (men, women and juniors). For the ladies, the fee is £25. Everyone has to pay it whether they have a handicap or not and if they do not pay it, it has to come out of the members funds anyway. So please ensure that you do pay your £25 each year.

We also have a Ladies Section Administration Fee which came about because we once had a terrible event in the ladies locker room whereby a large sum of money was stolen after ladies had paid for a competition. This meant that a new system had to be put into place to safeguard competition funds. It was decided that ladies with a handicap who wish to play in medals and stablefords would be asked to pay an annual £30 at the time of their membership renewal (in addition to the £25 Affiliation fee), which sum would ensure that all medal and stableford expenses could be paid (trophy purchasing, engraving, prize monies, etc.) with a little bit left over for administrative expenses, including paper, printing, nail brushes, etc. This only affects ladies who have a club handicap.

April Stableford Result
Tuesday 4th April
Division 1: 1st Linda Brown 38pts, 2nd Kim Morley 32pts, 3rd Christine King 32pts
Division 2: 1st Lesley Miller 39pts, 2nd Wendy O’Brien 36pts, 3rd Jane Sheppard 36pts
Sunday 2nd April
1st Alison Cope 37 pts, 2nd Hazel Carpenter 36 pts, 3rd Cindy McIntyre 36 pts

Tuesday 21 March Australian Spoons
Patsy Cowtan/Debbie Foster 35 pts
Julia Gray/Angela Robinson 30 pts
Sally Pinnock/Mel Owers 30 pts
Saturday 18 March Australian Spoons
Lindy Clemmow/Linda Brown 38 pts
Karen Stanton/Patsy Cowtan 36 pts
Elaine Randall/Christine King 30 pts

Junior British Tour at Bourn Golf Club
The Junior British Tour came to Bourn on Sunday 23rd April 2017. It was a spectacular event and the few pictures in this slide show, taken by me at the beginning of the event, illustrate just how professional these youngsters are. Neil Randall who was one of the organisers of the day, said that it was a wonderful day.

Opening Day at Bourn Golf Club, Saturday 1st April 2017
I had never played in the Opening Day competition before. It was a good day and the event went very well. The food, as usual, was excellent. Below is a little slide show of the day.

Some of the goings on on Opening Day 1st April 2017

Thought of my day: what makes a very few despot leaders worldwide very selfishly think they have the right to destroy our planet and our lives by picking fights with other countries and threatening to drop [nuclear] bombs everywhere, or to misguidingly murder and plunder in the name of “God”. This denies ordinary folk all over the world any control over their own destiny. Since man has written on stone there has been fighting and destruction. Is it not about time that those in charge of countries grew up a little, stopped being so selfish, and being frightened of other countries and their ways, and settled for PEACE! (I feel much better for that!)

But to finish on a pleasant note: here are a few photographs of flowers in my garden – beautiful.

My lovely Camelia which had a haircut in the Autumn – it reminds me of the rose bushes in Alice in Wonderland!

I had a few Snakehead fritillaries growing in my little wild garden round the back, but this solitary one popped up out the front in my herb garden!

Not strictly in my garden, this beautiful magnolia is in my neighbour’s front garden, but crosses my front window at an angle – so I consider it to be part of my garden!

…and a beautiful close-up of the soft, silky flowers