Mail on Sunday

2016 Mail On Sunday – Round 1 – Away vs Meridian

Sunday 7th February, 11:00am

The Mail on Sunday is a Men’s team event, with each team consisting of 5 players and all players playing a singles match play.

Bourns team saw:

Andy Stubbs giving 3 shots and winning 6&4.

Dan Edwards playing bare feet and halving the match.

Adam Chesters giving shots and winning 2&1.

Joel Rickard giving 10 shots and losing 2&1.

Craig Sutherland playing bare feet and losing 2&1.

Final result 2½ – 2½.

Under the Mail on Sunday rules, in the event of a tie, the final pairing play off until the match is resolved.

During the regulation game, Craig’s opponent from Meridian holed 3 x 40 footers for halves, and Craig had played pretty solid, so the play off could go either way. After two shots Craig was on the green with his opponent seemingly struggling to make par, but a world class up and down meant Craig had an 8 foot putt to force the playoff down the second.

Unfortunately Craig’s put looked good all the way until taking a bobble 6” out. So bad was the bobble that the Meridian opponent even apologised.

Unlucky men, a good effort, and a good competitive start to the season.