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Bourn Golf Club

General Committee Chairperson

Role description

The General Committee have agreed that a person acting as a neutral Chairperson working alongside the Members Secretary would help the Committee achieve continuity of development and ensuring successful outcomes for Bourn Golf Club.  The partnership between the Chairperson and the members Secretary will be important in the effective liaison between the Committee and Bourn Golf and Leisure.

The description below is a starting point for the development of this role and the person appointed will play a pivotal role in the further progress of this position.


  • To provide leadership
  • To provide continuity of committee objectives.
  • To be impartial and objective
  • To establish good committee governance
  • To Promote a culture of openness and debate and ensure committee members are valued
  • In conjunction with Members Secretary prepare focussed meeting agendas to ensure effective planning of meetings to ensure matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner
  • Assist the committee in the making of timely and effective decisions and actions
  • In conjunction with the Members Secretary manage the process of the preparation and the content of any development plans for the General Committee and the Golf sections in the short, medium or long term
  • In conjunction with Members Secretary liaise on a regular basis with BG&L
  • Represent and share the interests of the Golf Club with BG&L
  • Agree with BG&L actions and outcomes
  • To work in conjunction with Members Secretary to brief incoming committee members on their roles and responsibilities. Manage the process of the recruitment of new committee members
  • To work with all committee members and build a team


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