dress code for Cambridge country club

The following golf dress rules must be observed at all times on the golf course.
Members, their guests and visitors not complying with these rules may be asked to leave the course.



1. Recognised golf shirts with collars and sleeves are the only shirts acceptable on the course and must be tucked into trousers or shorts.

2. Shorts must be tailored.

3. Socks may be short but must be predominantly white.

4. Golf shoes MUST be worn.


• Hats worn backwards or when in the clubhouse.

• Trousers tucked into socks.

• Track, shell or leisure suits.

• Football shirts or printed tee shirts.

• Sleeveless or collarless shirts.

• Beachwear shorts, football shorts, cargo pants, ¾ length trousers, denim jeans.

• Plimsolls or training shoes.


1. Trousers – these must be tailored and not tucked into socks.

2. Shirts must be worn inside trousers/skirts/shorts but may be worn outside if designed for this purpose.

3. Shorts – these must be tailored and worn with sports socks.

4. Golf shoes must be worn.


• Tennis, beach or athletic-style shorts.

• Plimsolls or training shoes.

• Jeans or combat trousers.

• Track, shell or leisure suits, ski pants, leggings.



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