Greens Committee Minutes

Greens Committee Newsletter June 2018

The Greens Committee met on 19 June 2018 and was of the view that, with the exception of a number of over-hard greens, the course was in good condition.  Bourn Golf and Leisure (BGL) explained that they had experienced some serious issues with the automatic sprinkler system which had affected some areas on the course.  BGL believe they have finally resolved most of these problems and the condition and grip of the affected greens should improve as a result.  BGL also advised that their fairway treatment plan had reduced the number of daisy flower heads and that further work was planned. Clearcut advised that they were happy with the speed of the greens which they achieved by sanding and de-thatching rather that over-cutting, a common practice on many courses which they felt would adversely affect the durability of the greens surface, especially later in the season.

BGL’s new fairway cutter had proven to be effective and also came with a long-reach hedge cutter which would greatly ease the task of trimming the sides of the brook.  The committee again stressed that consistency was the main issue with the bunkers and BGL hoped to “refresh” all the bunkers in time for Captain’s Day on 30 June.

BGL announced that they planned to spray the paths to reduce weed growth but to avoid collateral damage to the course, would need the right conditions of no rain, and more importantly, no wind.  It was also suggested that perhaps an AstroTurf “collar” might act as a weed and grass suppressor around fairway distance-markers but after discussion, it was agreed that regular cutting was the only real answer.  BGL agreed to trim the markers in time for Captain’s Day.

BGL agreed to attend to a number of issues as a matter of urgency.  These included, repairing the ‘bald’ patches around the edges of the 4th Green as well as trimming back the overhanging willows and trimming the hedge alongside the path leading down from the 6th Tee.  BGL also advised that the bald patch near Green 8 had been caused by chemical burn and should recover with rain and time.  BGL asked players to observe best practice and to avoid bringing trolleys between bunkers and greens.  The meeting agreed that repair of pitch marks had improved over recent months and all players were asked to keep up the good work.

Turning to administrative matters, BGL advised that approval of the plans for upgrading the driving range had been promised for early May but South Cambs DC had belatedly asked for additional information which was causing further delay.  Delays to the range would also knock on to the proposed Swing-Room as they were linked projects.

It was suggested that many players, especially visitors, were often unaware of course conditions and limitations.  BGL agreed to supplement existing web-site notices with more visual information, including up-to-date ‘A’ boards.  BGL also advised that outside groups were limited to two 4-balls during weekdays and unlimited 4-balls after 1:00pm on weekends.  It was also pointed out that the Club Bar was now open for longer in the evening, but that demand had yet to match the new hours and BGL asked members to note that the new hours might not be economical under present usage.  Finally, It was felt that the Green’s Committee reports and the Green keeper’s reports would have more visibility if they were displayed on the open pages of the club web site and BGL agreed to look at this proposal.

Members Reps:  Ali Cope (Ladies); David Hubbard (Mens); Andy Stubbs (Scratch); Julian Thomas (Seniors) and Stuart Watson (Club Secretary)