Main Committee Meeting Ratified Minutes for Ladies Section

Please click on the links below to download a pdf file of some of the ratified minutes of the Main Committee Meetings since I became Lady Vice Captain (November 2016). The list is in chronological order, latest meeting first. (Tina Bone)

Older Main Committee Minute collection can be viewed here
Greens Committee Minutes can be viewed here
Ladies Section Committee Minutes can be viewed here

July 2017 MCMinutes12July2017
June 2017 MCMinutes13June2017
May 2017 MCMinutesMay2017
April 2017 MCMinutes19Apr2017
March 2017 MCMinutes22Mar2017
February 2017 MCMinutes8Feb2017
January 2017 MCMinutes11Jan2017
AGM November 2016
Agenda [MCAGMAgendaNov2016], Accounts MCAGMAccountsNov2016,  Accounts Notes MCAccountsNotesAGMNov2016
October 2016 MCMinutes26Oct2016
June 2016 MCMinutes8June2016