Responsibilities of the Player

Bourn Golf Club

Procedure for
Appealing against a Handicapping Decision by a Handicap Committee


If a member is dissatisfied with a Handicap Committee’s decision on handicapping or any related matter, the following procedure is to be followed in compliance with England Golf’s (EG’s) policy document, the EG Appeals Procedure

Thus :

1. The member must first request the appropriate Handicap Committee to review its de- cision. The request must conform to the principles laid out in the EG Appeals Proce- dure. I.e., an appeal must be based on alleged factual errors or omissions or alleged irregularities in the decision-making process; it must ensure that the rights of third parties and the club are respected.

In dealing with such a request a Handicap Committee must act at every stage without undue delay and act fairly.

2. If dissatisfied with this review the member must inform the appropriate Handicap Committee and submit a notice of appeal in accordance with the EG Appeals Proce- dure.

3. In practice the appeal has to be sent to the Cambridgeshire Area Golf Union (CAGU). The CAGU website should be consulted for up-to-date contact details for handicap- ping matters.

4. Thereafter, the procedure laid down in the EG Appeals Procedure, as administered by CAGU and EG, has to be followed.

For Further Information and to Submit an Appeal, please contact the Appropriate Handi- cap Secretary: Handicap Secretary/Ladies’ Handicap Secretary.

June 2019